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Cad-Cam Chrome

The co-operation between dentists and technicians is aimed at providing high quality tooth replacement that restores and enhances the quality of the patients' wellbeing.

We have always prided ourselves on using high quality materials for our chrome frames and over 33 years worked hard to develop our skills to provide high quality results.

Now using the latest technology we have moved forward investing in CAD-CAM to provide even better results.

Using 3Shape scanners and software to design our frames and Direct Laser Sintering to manufacture highly accurate and stronger frames.

Advantages include:

Homogenous metallic structure and consistent quality

Optimal fit, higher than that of conventional cast frameworks


Increased strength and ductility with lower risk of clasp breakages during adjustment

Free from casting inclusions and porosity from overheating the alloy.

Highly polished surface resistant to plaque build up.

Overdenture reinforcements for implant retained prosthesis have greater flexibility in design and give better results than usual solutions Fractures are avoided and thickness of the prosthesis is reduced achieving better functionality and aesthetic results

After 33 years casting chromes using conventional methods, we are so pleased with the results and benefits using CAD-CAM that we are now exclusively making all our private chrome frames digitally using 3Shape CAD-CAM..


All materials used are CE approved.