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Dentures can be expensive especially if the best materials and techniques are used, but they are worth the investment, restoring self esteem and confidence.

Ivoclar BPS (Bio-finctional Prosthetic System)

Dental practices can rely on laboratories that have obtained BPS certification to be competent partners in the field of removable dental prosthetics and Genesis dental laboratory is an Ivoclar BPS certified laboratory.

Dentures can be highly customised to the particular needs of the patient with a vast array of tooth lines and gingival colouring materials. F/F dentures can be set up using the Stratos 300 articulator, a state of the art articulator. The Stratos is the optimum basis for high quality prosthetic restorations and complex functional movements can be simulated and reproduced.

With its carefully coordinated components, the BPS system provides the members of the dental team with the means of fabricating high quality dentures for their patients. For that purpose, the special set-up concept with model related positioning instructions are equally important as the logical occlusal concept with Ovoclar Vivadent teeth and the SR Ivocap pressure/injection procedure.

The SR Ivocap injection system features controlled heat/pressure polymerisation, during which the exact amount of material keeps flowing into the flask to compensate for acrylic shrinkage. The SR Ivocap injection procedure permits the fabrication of high quality dentures that fit outstandingly and are comfortable to wear.

Gingival colouring

Full and partial dentures can be produced with colour variations to make the gingival areas of the acrylic flanges look more natural. This is useful consideration for people who show the gingival area when smiling. Similarly gingival colouring is advantageous for people from ethnic origins where pink coloured acrylics do not match their natural gingival tissue colour.

We have a range of ethnic coloured acrylics and composites that can give gingival colouring a great effect.

Flexible dentures

When deciding on a new set of dentures there are usually a number of options available. You should discuss these options with your dentist. If you cannot bear the thought of visible metal clasps from a chrome partial denture then one such option is a Valplast flexible denture. (although tooth coloured flexible clasps can be added to a chrome partial denture).

It is metal free, does not require any preparation of natural teeth, does not contain the chemicals found in normal acrylic dentures and is hypo-allergenic.

The cost is often comparable with that of a partial chrome denture.