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Mouth guards

Made from high quality EVA material. It is both soft and tough with high flexibility and dimensionally stable and harmless to health.

Available in a wide range of colours. Made to order colour combinations and a wide selection of patterns.

The colouring agents used are made from safe FDA approved food compatible colouring agents.

Genesis dental laboratory manufacture and place on the market customer made sports mouth guards. The manufacture of these mouth guards comes within the scope of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations. Genesis dental laboratory consider these to be 'simple design' PPE and manufacture these mouth guards in accordance with the PPE requirements for PPE of 'simple design'

We use pressure-forming equipment to form our mouth guards rather than vacuum forming, as it produces an even pressure and a highly accurate fit..

There are various construction methods of custom made sports guards, namely single or multi-layer constructions. The choice of construction method is usually dependent upon the intended use of the mouth guard to be manufactured although the construction method may need to be modified according to the user's dentition. Genesis dental laboratory uses two categories that relate to the intended use.

Light to medium Intended use
Nominal 2-4mm thick Children with deciduous/erupting teeth and other users who are unlikely to come into contact with a hard surface or ball
Medium to heavy Intended use
Nominal 4-6mm thick Users who are likely to come into contact with a hard surface or ball and users who may encounter another player with a bat or stick or hard ball going at speed