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The present day demands placed upon the dental profession are many. Patients are now paying for more of their treatment and have a much brighter expectation of the work they receive, from both the dentist and the laboratory.

Genesis Dental Laboratory believes that good communication and technical support between dentist and technician are vital and to this end, Genesis Dental Laboratory is available to spend time with you addressing any problems, exploring ideas and sharing information.

If you believe you would benefit from using the services of Genesis Dental Laboratory, then please phone and speak to one of our senior technicians.


For dentists

We are are dedicated to providing high quality dental laboratory work. Whether you are looking for standard but quality prosthetics or for something more special with the Ivoclar BPS system we are here to help.



Dentures can be expensive especially if the best materials and techniques are used, but they are worth the investment, restoring self esteem and confidence.


Mouth guards

Made from high quality EVA material. It is both soft and tough with high flexibility and dimensionally stable and harmless to health. Available in a wide range of colours. Made to order colour combinations and a wide selection of patterns.